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Bug#484836: console-data: please drop br-latin1 in the udeb

Package: console-data
Severity: wishlist
Tags: d-i

There are currently *two* Brazilian keymaps proposed to users in
Debian Installer.

I think this is one too many..:-)

Do you think we can safely drop one between br-abnt2 and br-latin1 ?

Please note that these keymaps are the *console* keymaps. However, the
default X keymap is derived from these ones:

- if users choose "br-latin1" in D-I, they'll get....a US keymap for X
(at least from what I read in xserver-xorg postinst)

- if users choose br-abnt2, they'll get the "br" X keymap with "abnt2"
as variant

Please also note that the default when choosing "Brazilian Portuguese"
then Brazil is br-abnt2.

As a consequence, I consider removing the br-latin1 keymap from
console-data udeb. Therefore, that keymap will no longer be offered in
D-I. It will still be available in the regular console-data package,


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