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Re: [Pkg-openldap-devel] Intent to NMU openldap2.3 to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

(pt_BR translators, see at the end of this mail)

Quoting Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org):
> Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:
> > The openldap2.3 Debian package, which you are the maintainer of, has
> > pending bug report(s) which include translation updates or fixes for
> > po-debconf, namely bug number 409632 (and maybe other similar bugs).
> > Please note that this translation will give *four fuzzy strings* when
> > emrged with the current templates.
> > Indeed these templates have some extra spaces at the end of lines
> > which results in double spaces in the middle of sentences.
> > I propose to correct this along with a fix for the missing Portuguese
> > translation (and maybe a special call to Brazilian Portuguese
> > translators as I know that at least one of the maintainers would be
> > ashamed of Portuguese translations are not complete.
> > I can take care of this as an NMU or provide you guys with a full
> > patch.
> Hi Christian,
> Could you provide a full patch?  The new translation was already committed
> to our repository and I was figuring out how best to make a new upload
> (there are several other bug fixes that need to make it into etch).  I can
> get any additional corrections into the package as part of that upload.

Attached is a tarball with debian/slapd.templates debian/po and a
debian/changelog.add which contains what could go in debian/changelog

Getting a pt_BR.po translation would be good as well. pt_BR
translators can get it from the tarball as well (DO NOT use what you
can get from the website, please)

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