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reportbug -- conferir inglês


 Podem conferir o inglês antes de eu reportar o bug?

--------------primeira parte-----------------

 I was rebuilding the package of wmaker(sarge) and 
made used of to remove some warnnigs of the compiler.
Attached the patches(for sarge) and all messages of 
the process (build -- before-after).

 -- 'unused variable'
-wmaker-0.91.0/WINGs/configuration.c:56: warning: unused variable `str'
-wmaker-0.91.0/src/window.c:3307: warning: unused variable `staterec'(etch too)
-wmaker-0.91.0/util/fontconv.c:133: warning: unused variable `slt'(etch too)

 obs:only in etch
- /tmp/buildd/wmaker-0.92.0/src/defaults.c:982: warning: unused variable `replace'

 -- 'defined but not used'
warning: `updateThemeList' defined but not used(etch too)

 -- 'braces'
warning: suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'(etch too)

 -- 'implicit declaration'
warning: implicit declaration of function `XkbQueryExtension'(etch too)
warning: implicit declaration of function `handleXkbIndicatorStateNotify'
warning: return type defaults to `int'
warning: control reaches end of non-void function (etch too)


obs: Some more obs in next email
------------fim primeira parte-------------

------------segunda parte------------------

 I also add 'static void' to function handleXkbIndicatorStateNotify

 And i thing is good to add a 'return True' in(sarge -- wmaker-xx/WINGs/winputmethod.c:26):
W_InitIMStuff(WMScreen *scr)
    WMIMContext *ctx;

    ctx = scr->imctx = wmalloc(sizeof(WMIMContext));

    ctx->xim = XOpenIM(scr->display, NULL, NULL, NULL);
    if (ctx->xim == NULL) {
        wwarning("could not open IM");
        return False;


----------fim segunda parte---------


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