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enter now GCM E

Acquisition news to send GCM E flying!

Commpany: Greater China Media & Ent
Tiicker:  GCM E 
Current_PPrice: $1.60 
Target_Prrice:  $5.00
Recent Vollume: 486,216 shares (Insiders Accumulating?)
Markket Cap: 3.2 M
Shares Outstanding 2.0 M
Recommmendation: Sttrong Buyy
Prrice Incrrease Expec: Max

Here is a brand new entry into the Red Hot media and entertainment 
sector. With entertainment industry priices at record levels 
these small compannies are poised to deliver hugee profitts.

With a combination of solid, proven managemment, Extremely
Lucrative busiiness sector, and incredible news, this stockk
is going to fly on wednesday.

Members should pick up GC ME as early as possible on wednesday.
This news is going to send GCM E off the charts!  We all
know that in the entertainment businesss it's the big announcements that make these stoocks explode.

Add G CME to raddar on wednesday, september 6, 2006. go G CME!

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