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Re: abook po file

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On 07/30/2006 11:59 AM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>         Hi!
>  abook's debconf template was translated into quite some languages.
> Those all got removed now because the templates file is completely
> different: before it was about some transition which would only appear
> for upgrades from woody anymore, and now it's a configuration question.
>  So, long writing, short content: it would be nice if people could send
> me translations for the attached pot file.  No need for german, I did
> that myself, but everyone else interested would be invited to do it.  I
> plan to release the package next week or such, hopefully having already
> some translations for it by that time.
>  Along the same lines, it would be nice if people could translate t-prot
> pofile, too.  It's already in the pool, and the message is in its main
> content quite similar to this one, especially the short message of the
> question.
>  Thanks in advance for all your help,
> Alfie

Hi Alfie,

	Attached you will find a gziped that contains the Brazilian
Portuguese translation for abook (UTF-8) encoded. Be aware that pt_BR
team uses a QA process and there is a chance that you receive some
updates (typo fixes) in the next days.

	Kind regards,

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