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Re: Bug#299108: Upgrade package console-tools

On Qua, Abril 20, 2005 19:00, Denis Barbier disse:

> Steve Langasek provided a translation of this bugreport (thanks, Steve),
> but he is very busy, maybe someone from debian-l10n-portuguese could
> ease communication with bug submitter?
> The console-tools package does not change /etc/console-tools/config,
> so the submitter has to check on her system which other package is
> the culprit.  Maybe
>    $ grep -rl /etc/console-tools/config /var/lib/dpkg/info
> can be helpful?

$ grep -rl /etc/console-tools/config /var/lib/dpkg/info

Bom, posso estar enganado, mas tenho quase certeza que foi o pacote
console-tools. Aconteceu isso em várias máquinas que dei um "aptitude


PS.: Alguém poderia traduzir para o Steve? Obrigado.

Guilherme Mesquita Gondim (semente)
Movido a Debian GNU/Linux e anarquismo!
# aptitude install anarchism

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