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Translating Gnome 2.0 Desktop System Administrationg Guide


I'm actively working as a voluntary translator for some free software
projects, mainly Debian and its subprojects. I'm also a member of
Debian-BR, a Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) group devoted to promote the
use of Debian systems in Brazil.

We have created and also translated lots of documentation into pt_BR,
as well as Installation Manuals, programs, utilities and the whole
Debian installation system. Many of us are Gnome users (including myself)
and we would like to see Gnome getting attention and being used
everywhere in our country.

I have just saw the "Gnome 2.0 Desktop Systems Administration"[0] and
found it to be of big importance to improve Gnome acceptance as a strong
desktop system in an enterprise environment so I would like to ask you if
it's already possible to translate this document into pt_BR.

Could you point me to where should I look for more information on this
topic ? A CVS address to checkout the latest version would do.


||  Andre Luis Lopes                   andrelop@ig.com.br               ||
||  Debian-BR Project                  http://debian-br.cipsga.org.br   ||
||  Public GPG KeyID                   9D1B82F6                         ||
||  Keyserver                          wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net               ||

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