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Re: Polish translation of apt-listbugs?


On 04/10/14 23:59, Francesco Poli wrote:
> Dear Polish translators,
> the deadline (Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:00:38 +0200) for the second call for
> translation updates [1] is quickly approaching.
> I would be really grateful, if any of you could update the translation
> and send it to me.

Since no one seemed to be working on it, I've updated the translation
myself. Apart from translating missing and fuzzy strings, I've also
rebuilt 0.1.16 with new translations and corrected a few formatting
errors that I was able to spot. However, I honestly admit that I was
only able to check about half of the translation - I do not know how to
make apt-listbugs display the remaining messages.

Disclaimer: I am not a translator and that was the first time I've used
poedit. I tried my best but feel free to improve it or point out any issues.


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