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Błąd opisu pakietu filetea.


Na stronie <http://packages.debian.org/sid/filetea> 
jest nieprawidłowy opis dla pakietu "filetea".

>Package: filetea (0.1.12+dfsg1-2 and others)
>Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- standard scenery
>This package contains the scenery data that come with the standard
>Flight Gear distribution. It covers the San Francisco area.

$aptitude show filetea
Pakiet: filetea                              
Wersja: 0.1.12+dfsg1-2
Opis: Web-based file sharing system
 FileTea is a simple way to send files among different users. 
 FileTea functions as a web server. Users can drag files into their web
browser and a URL will be generated for each one. Those URLs can be
sent to other people, who will be able to start downloading the files
 An HTML5 capable browser is required in order to share the files, but
any HTTP client can download them, including command-line tools such as
curl or wget. 
 Files are sent through the server, but no data is stored there:
FileTea is only used to route the traffic. This also means that there's
no limit to the size of shared files. 
 The service is anonymous and does not require user registration. Since
it's completely web-based, it works in networks with proxies,
firewalls, etc., as long as all users can reach the FileTea server.
Strona domowa: https://gitorious.org/filetea

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