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[Fwd: Next upload 2008-12-28 (dpkg 1.14.24)]


Co Ty na to? Jakieś drobne popraweczki chyba są...

Wojtek Zaręba
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As this might be the last dpkg upload before the lenny release,
translators might want use this opportunity to send a last batch of
updates. I've included the current translation status inline. [0]

This is coming with short notice, though, but we want to make sure we
don't miss the deep freeze. So, I'll do some final testing and check if
there's any other change we need to include and proceed with the upload.


Lang / Section dselect/po     man/po         po             scripts/po
bs             62t3f223u                     12t17f957u
ca             275t10f3u                     981t2f3u       17t43f413u
cs             288t                          986t
da             275t10f3u                     899t58f29u
de             288t           1601t          986t           473t
dz                                           873t81f32u
el             267t13f8u                     985t1u
es             275t10f3u      35t1091f475u   986t
et             237t1f50u                     491t65f430u
eu             283t3f2u                      985t1u
fr             288t           1601t          986t           473t
gl             275t10f3u                     986t
hu             192t5f91u      106t297f1198u  817t86f83u
id             275t10f3u                     624t199f163u
it             275t10f3u                     858t93f35u
ja             275t10f3u      630t434f537u   986t
km                                           858t93f35u
ko             283t3f2u                      986t
ku                                           122t30f834u
lt                                           626t54f306u
mr                                           830t121f35u
nb             275t10f3u                     986t
ne                                           873t81f32u
nl             288t                          871t82f33u
nn             267t13f8u                     623t200f163u
pa                                           181t51f754u
pl             288t           1597t4f        986t           472t1f
pt             283t3f2u                      986t
pt_BR          288t           94t473f1034u   986t
ro             288t                          986t
ru             288t           220t413f968u   986t           473t
sk             288t                          986t
sv             288t           1601t          986t           473t
th                                           984t2u
tl             267t13f8u                     624t199f163u
vi             275t10f3u                     986t
zh_CN          275t10f3u                     985t1u
zh_TW          267t13f8u                     858t93f35u

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