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Re: Updated translations for dpkg (was: [dpkg] Fixed a typo, please update translation of dselect.1)

Hello Wiktor,
On Fri, Jun 06, 2008 at 01:38:28AM +0100, Wiktor Wandachowicz wrote:
> 2008/5/26 Helge Kreutzmann <debian@helgefjell.de> wrote:
> The improved manual translation and diff file can be found here:
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/man/po/lenny/pl.po
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/man/po/lenny/pl-new.diff

Retrieved and applied (thanks for not attaching!).

You currently have an empty pl.add, is this intentional?

When building dpkg, the polish man page caused the build to fail. I
applied the following patch (and then it build):
--- pl.po       2008-06-06 01:55:08.000000000 +0200
+++ /tmp/dpkg/man/po/pl.po      2008-06-06 15:50:01.000000000 +0200
@@ -12935,7 +12935,7 @@
 "the old entry will be left alone instead of being replaced; the default is "
 "to overwrite any old entry found with the newly generated one."
 msgstr ""
-"JeÅ<9B>li instalowany plik ma już wpis w pliku <dir>, stary wpis bÄ<99>dzie "
+"JeÅ<9B>li instalowany plik ma już wpis w pliku B<dir>, stary wpis bÄ<99>dzie
 "pozostawiony zamiast zamieniania go. DomyÅ<9B>lnie stare wpisy sÄ<85> nadpisywane "
 "przez nowo wygenerowane."

Please either confirm that this is ok or provide a new version which
fixes this bug.

> New dpkg translation and diff file can be found here:
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/po/lenny/pl.po
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/po/lenny/pl-new.diff

Retrieved and applied.

> New scripts translation and diff file can be found here:
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/scripts/po/lenny/pl.po
> * http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/debian/dpkg/scripts/po/lenny/pl-new.diff
> Please include all three updated translations (dpkg, dpkg's manual and
> scripts). Thanks!


Since you seemed to do a full update, did you skip dselect on purpose? 
pl.po is currently (285t,1f,0u) which seems rather easy to update.


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