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Fw: Re: Persian(farsi) translation is completed (congratulation)


تبریک به همه
در نسخه بعدی نصاب فارسی رو داریم

--- On Thu, 7/1/10, Christian PERRIER <christian@perrier.eu.org> wrote:

From: Christian PERRIER <christian@perrier.eu.org>
Subject: Re: Persian(farsi) translation is completed
To: "behrad eslami" <behrad_es@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010, 9:19 PM

Quoting behrad eslami (behrad_es@yahoo.com):
> Hi
> All fie is completed. I hope that D-I team add Persian(farsi) language soon.
> thanks for all.  :-)

I committed all (I think I didn't forget anything) changes.

Translations are currently propagating to packages, which means that,
for all D-I packages, the next upload will have Persian translations.

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