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Re: How should the language attribute be translated?

On 2009-02-04 19:05, Praveen A wrote:
> # type: Attribute 'lang' of: <book>
> #: en/release-notes.dbk:7
> msgid "en"
> I translated it to ml and it prints out a warning
> "No localization exists for "ml" or "". Using default "en"."

This means, that the docbook-xsl stylesheets don't have
translations for generated text, such as "Table of Contents".

> Should I just keep it as en?

I believe, that if you are using an unsupported language,
English is used anyway. So it's better to use "ml", so that
people can see, that there are translations missing in
docbook-xsl and can hopefully fix them before the next Debian

(I wonder, whether there is a chance to fix this without
touching docbook-xsl.)

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