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Bug#1020469: hunspell-dict-ko: Package the Qt WebEngine binary dictionary files from your Hunspell source

Source: hunspell-dict-ko
Version: 0.7.92-1
Severity: wishlist

Qt WebEngine has the ability to use Hunspell dictionaries for spell checking, 
but they require that the dictionary files be converted to a special binary 
format (.bdic).  This conversion can be done using qwebengine_convert_dict from 
the qtwebengine5-dev-tools package.  The upstream documentation regarding this 
is found on Qt's website:


Once these libraries are available they can be used by any program that includes 
Qt WebEngine.

There is desire to package these libraries in Debian, which is fairly easy to do 
from your source package with a few minor modifications.  However, it is first 
necessary to determine the best way to handle the binary packages and which 
directory to store the files in.  There is a meta-bug that has been filed 
against dictionaries-common for the purpose of developing a consensus as to the 
best way to do this:


If you have any input on this subject it would be appreciated.

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