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Re: Bug report on gnome-hwp-support: hwp-thumbnailer crashes with exit status 139


Thanks for investigating the bug. We crashed the program on x86
(32-bit). Maybe our testcase does not trigger the bug in amd64. If you
have a x86 debian installed somewhere, you should try the testcase on


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 5:34 PM, RYU Changwoo <cwryu@debian.org> wrote:
> It looks like a bug in libgsf or glib, but cannot be reproduced in my
> amd64 system.
> 2013/6/27 Alexandre Rebert <alexandre@cmu.edu>:
>> Hi,
>> We found a crash in hwp-thumbnailer contained in the gnome-hwp-support package. You are being
>> contacted because your are listed as one of the maintainer of gnome-hwp-support.
>> We are planning to submit the bug to the Debian bug tracking system in two
>> weeks. We wanted to give you a heads-up, so that you some time to assess the
>> seriousness of the bug before it is publicly disclosed.
>> The bug report that will be submitted to the bug tracker is available at the
>> following url:
>>   http://www.forallsecure.com/bug-reports/c6cf9c28f4526e85d0c29728460d43d4018d4038/
>> This email is part of a mass bug reporting campain comprising 1,182 bugs. You
>> might have received multiple emails from us concerning different programs. More
>> information about the mass bug reporting is available on the debian-devel
>> mailing list:
>>   http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2013/06/msg00720.html
>> Regards,
>> The Mayhem Team
>> Cylab, Carnegie Mellon University

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