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Re: Bug#418998: fontconfig-config: for korean font, Baekmuk is obsolete

> It depends on what our default desktop looks like.
> While ttf-unfonts is a much better choice in antialiased environment
> (GNOME/KDE) or for printing, it's almost unusable in non-antialiased
> environment (ie. traditional X apps). That's why baekmuk is used in
> bf-utf-source, while ttf-unfonts is used for G-I. If we can just ignore
> such traditional apps in the default desktop installation, it's ok to
> drop ttf-baekmuk and xfonts-baekmuk.

I think it's clear, thanks for your answer.

Based on Changwoo's answer, I suggest we keep baekmuk in
korean-desktop. There are enough "traditionnal" X apps to make this
package still useful enough for Korean-speaking users.

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