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Tips for spotting errors in translations

I set up a set of script which spellchecks automatically translations
for the Debian Installer on a daily basis.
More details can be read directly at:


Even if I couldn'f find a Korean dictionary for Aspell, I think you still
can find useful informations for making better translations and spotting
some errors.

ko_all.txt - contains all the Korean strings extracted from the po files:
you can use any spellchecker against this file to look for typos.

ko_var.txt - contains the so called "suspect variables": a script compares
variables ${LIKE_THIS} in the original msgid string and in the Korean string
and if it finds any incongruences, theyre logged in the ko_var.txt file
If we take as an example ko_var.txt for level1-post-sarge, I notice that

* the first string contains two variables in the original msgid
whereas the translated msgstr contains an extra ${TYPE} variable

* the second string contains two extra variables: ${DEV}, ${SPARE}

* the third string contains no variables but the original contains ${DEVICE}

* in the fourth string $(SUITE) uses "()" instead of "{}" braces

* the last orignial string uses the ${CYL} variable but the translated string

Could you please take a look and eventually fix what is wrong (possibly on
all levels)?
I'd be also interested to know it there's an aspell dictionary for your language.



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