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Re: [Debian-in-workers] Fwd: Removal of fonts-knda-extra from archive

On 14:35 Sat 11 May     , Vikram Vincent wrote:
> Hi Vasudev,
> On 11 May 2013 11:39, Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I just don't understand why you want to fork the stuff again. Can you
> > see my point 2?
> There is a need for several high quality fonts in Kannada and
> Kedage/Mallige are good starting points for our FSMK students to use
> as reference. Hence my mail to the lists.

Why can't they start by contributing to Gubbi and Navilu? Why to
re-invent wheel again? FOSS is about reuse than reinvent stuffs. 

Aravinda any way needs some help as he is not getting much time to work
on them, also he knows about fonts and can always guide new students.

You can always fork the projects but I frankly don't see a point in
double forking a project which is already forked and improving
things. Its better to contribute to flourishing project than reinvent
the wheel from scratch. But thats my thinking rest is left to you.

So anyway I will go ahead and remove Kedage and Malige from Debian
archive on mentioned date. 

Vasudev Kamath
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