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PMG is the best in Marine Services,,, Try Dealing usge




 Dear Sirs,

We are marine surveyors representing many ROs under flags of Panama, Georgia, Moldova, Cambodia, Malta, Belize and many others, as well as flag state inspectors under these flags

Our surveying services include statutory, flag state inspections, pre-purchase inspections, cargo surveys, onhire/off hire and any other type of marine surveys required by your good side

Our surveyors network cover ports of Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morrocco, Turkey, Canada, U.S.A, Panama.

For access to any of our surveyors in the above ports, please feel free to contact the undersigned around the clock

Alaa Eddine Mahboub
Pharaohs Marine Consultants
Tel: +971 6 5548205
Tel: +20 3 425992




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