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Re: [l10n-dev] Change of kn_IN team coordination

From my observations, Pramod has taken Coordinator responsibility for many projects ie., GNOME, OO, Aspell, etc.. and over time has not been able to devote time to it as required of a Coordinator. However, instead of offering the reponsibility to those who are actively working on these tasks he is still retaining that position(for reasons still not known). This has resulted in the wheel having to be reinvented.

Quoting Pramod R <pramodleo@yahoo.co.uk>:

We also had a similar conversation regarding gnome,
which you can read here:

The case is similar here.

Pramod R <pramodleo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

I am well and alive and we are also restarting the
translations and I would also welcome Vikram and his
team to work with me and the rest of the
I  was a bit busy and I seemed to have missed his
to this list, although I did respond to Vikram's
that were sent off list.

These mails were GNOME related and are still not resolved.

As far, as the translation
concerned, we will go the same way as we are doing
Gnome, where we have one co-ordinator and we will
offline on how to work towards the translation.

Why should work be done offline and with absolutely no public involment? Right now we have translated 5% of the UI. Either way, we will be working online at http://translate.swatantra.org

Vikram Vincent

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