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Formal request for change of kn_IN l10n Coordinator

I would like to propose a change in Coordinator for GNOME l10n for Kannada(kn_IN).
The Swatantra.Org [Kannada localisation project] has initiated a team effort in this regard
at http://translate.swatantra.org/main.php and we would like to ensure a sustained effort. 
Our team is working in coordination with Kannada Depts. of various educational institutions, with Christ
College(Automomous), Bangalore,<http://christcollege.edu> extending maximum support.
From http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/kn/gnome-2-22 "UI translations 50% (20799/4455/15547)"
>From http://translate.swatantra.org/main.php "GNOME 44214->total, 26474->translated, 17740->untranslated, 59.9% and rising.
I am CC'ing the current coordinator(Mr. Pramod).
Currently, I am the Coorinator for localisation of Debian and I would like to take up the responsibility of Coordinator of GNOME Kannada l10n as well.
Our list is <debian-l10n-kannada@lists.debian.org>
Thank you.
Vikram Vincent
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