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Fix Penguin Penalty 18th December2014 ( mail-archive.com )

Dear Sir

Did your website get hit by Google Penguin update on October 17th 2014? What basically is Google Penguin Update? It is actually a code name for Google algorithm which aims at decreasing your websites search engine rankings that violate Google?s guidelines by using black hat SEO techniques to rank your webpage by giving number of spammy links to the page.
We are one of those few SEO companies that can help you avoid penalties from Google Updates like Penguin and Panda. Our clients have survived all the previous and present updates with ease. They have never been hit because we use 100% white hat SEO techniques to rank Webpages.  Simple thing that we do to keep websites away from any Penguin or Panda penalties is follow Google guidelines and we give Google users the best answers to their queries.

If you are looking to increase the quality of your websites and to get more targeted traffic or save your websites from these Google penalties email us back with your interest. 

We will be glad to serve you and help you grow your business.


Taniya S

SEO Manager ( TOB )
B7 Green Avenue, Amritsar 143001 Punjab
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