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Please, update the debian-edu-doc translation for Wheezy (Was: Edu wheezy release in (or before) August or September or...?!!?)

TL;DR: Please, update your debian-edu-doc translation before July 26th,
or just send us a notice if you know you won’t be able to deliver in time.

Le 14/07/2013 09:22, Holger Levsen a écrit :
> On Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013, David Prévot wrote:

>>> so let's release in (or before) August or September (2013!)

>> Yay, good plan! I’d like to restore the workflow we put in place for the
>> Squeeze release 

> formalizing the workflow a bit seems like a very good idea to me! Thanks for 
> bringing this up.
>> D -14
>>      Documentation update in the wiki
> I dont see how this is relevant and I also think a week long/short workflow is 
> better...

Well, let’s target beta1 to get everything in sync as a start, we’ll
polish the details for the recurrent stuff once there is something to
work on (e.g. how often do we want to release betas): the wiki seems in
good shape from a distant eye, and three translations that used to be
complete in Squeeze need some work:

da: 1276 translated, 86 fuzzy, 44 untranslated.
fr: 1351 translated, 34 fuzzy, 21 untranslated.
it: 1318 translated, 64 fuzzy, 24 untranslated.

Maybe the best for this first stage would be to get these translations
in sync for beta1, and let people update the wiki in the mean time if
they wish: we’ll sync the debian-edu-doc repository from the wiki as
soon as those three translations are updated (not before please: it may
disturb translators working on the current version)*, and we’ll improve
the workflow closer to the proposed plan for beta2.

Other translations are welcome to be synchronized and added too, but I
hope we’ll manage to at least keep the cover we got for Squeeze.

> If needed, I can also handle the uploads, though I have to admit I'm not that 
> good at unfuzzy trivial strings...

Heh, I’ll do my best to find some network access on the 26th-weekend to
handle this first round anyway.



P.-S.: * Yay, with Git, it would be trivial to keep working on one
version, and then either update or simply push a new translation-$lang
branch and let the d-e-d maintainers take care of the sync, but I’d
prefer to keep the workflow as simple and accessible as possible and not
expect any Git-foo from all of our fellow contributors.

P.-P.-S.: Translation files are available from Git [1] as described in
our documentation [2] and are also available as static files from our
i18n-structure [3].

  1: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debian-edu/debian-edu-doc.git
  2: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Wheezy/Translations
  3: http://i18n.debian.org/l10n-pkg-status/d/debian-edu-doc.html

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