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Re: Update Debian Reference (Italian PO)

Hi Osamu and hi all,

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: osamu@debian.org
>Data: 23/10/2012 14.59

>Beatrice may be already working on this but I have not heard from him.
>(I know I only waited few days but French and Porteguese were quick to
>fix all fuzzies already.)  I can upload next version with all 100%
>translated if only I get Italian updates.  PO file to translate is here
>if you do not wish to use SVN.

yes, I already updated the translation. I sent it to our review mailing-list 
hoping that someone else in the Italian team would look at my translation. 

Since you said "a week or so", I fixed 25 as my due date, and I stated as much 
in my review request.

I will send the updated file by the 25th, unless that is too late.

I apologizing for not giving a quick ACK message, but I thought it was not 
needed; next time I'll be sure to send one.


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