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Re: Bug#425689: passwd: Chapter missing in the Italian translation of shadow manual page

Dear Italian translators,

The shadow package received a bug reporting that the Italian translation
of the shadow(5) man page is outdated (http://bugs.debian.org/425689).

The only way to fix this in the long term is to use the PO based
translation mechanism now available for the shadow manpages.

Could you review and update the attached PO file?

It would be fine to coordinate with Giuseppe Sacco and Danilo Piazzalunga,
who were the translators of the current man pages.

Note1: The file is quite big, so you may want to put some priorities in
       only a few of the shadow manpages. The current statistics for this
       PO are: 401 translated, 85 fuzzy, 278 untranslated.

Note2: I've created the attached PO file based on an existing PO file and
       on the current translations. It may be worth reviewing even the
       messages already tagged at translated.

Thanks in advance,

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