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Re: Debian Installer translation

Il giorno dom, 02-01-2005 alle 02:06 +0100, Frans Pop ha scritto:
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> On Saturday 01 January 2005 14:48, you wrote:
> > I see that the Italian translations are quite beyond other languages.
> > I think I could help with the powerpc italian translation of the Sarge
> > manual, since I used it to install Debian on my iBook.
> Thanks for the offer to help.
> There is not really a separate manual for powerpc. Most of the manual is 
> general, but there are sections that are architecture specific.
> You should probably start by subscribing to and introducing yourself on 
> debian-l10n-italian@lists.debian.org. Also try to contact the previous 
> translators (Stefano Canepa <sc@linux.it>).
> Maybe people on that list will be able to review translations. Also 
> usefull for coordination if several people work on the translation.
> Below are some instructions for working on the translation.
> Cheers,

Thanks Frans,
	I and Ottavio Campana tried to coordinate and to find other people with
enouth time and knowledge to translate the manual the email you sent is
really welcome. We are really late becouse I was a little bit busy
during last months. I ended some taskes and so I can concetrate more
again on translation. 

	Happy new year
Stefano Canepa - email: sc@linux.it - www: http://www.stefanocanepa.it
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Le tre grandi virtù di un programmatore: pigrizia, impazienza e arroganza.
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