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Re: [i10n] Installation Manual Updates

Il Mon, May 03, 2004 at 12:30:03AM -0400, David Nusinow ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
>    I'm planning to do some massive hacking on the installation manual,
> and I'm wondering how the translators would like me to proceed. I plan
> to do some pretty serious editing, deleting portions completely and
> adding significant text to other sections, as well as moving lots of
> what's already there around to reorganize it. Seeing as these changes
> will be fairly large, how can I help the translators out while I'm doing
> this work? I can try to focus on one chapter at a time (I have a plan
> already set up for the first four chapters) and then notify you when
> that chapter is ready for translation. If there is a better solution,
> please let me know, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Yes, David,
the Italian translation is about to be started, so it would be perfect
if you send an email to debian-l10n-italian@lists.debian.org when
you complete a chapter. Do you already have a list of chapters that
you will not change at all?


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