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Re: [Necessita revisione] Traduzione viewcvs

ciao, ci provo a correggere un pochino ...

> #: ../templates:25
> msgid ""
> "This should contain a list of modules in the repository that should not be displayed (by default or by explicit path specification). This configuration can be a simple list of modules, or it can get quite complex:\n"
> "  *) The \"!\" can be used before a module to explicitly state that it is\n"
> "NOT forbidden.\n"
> "  *) Shell-style \"glob\" expressions may be used. \"*\" will match any\n"
> "sequence of zero or more characters, \"?\" will match any single character, \"[seq]\" will match any character in seq, and \"[!seq]\" will match any character not in seq."
> msgstr ""
> "La lista dei moduli (predefiniti o mediante l'indicazione di un percorso specifico) che non devono essere mostrati ? contenuta in un repositorio. Questa configurazione pu? essere una semplice lista di moduli o pu? pure essere complicata:\n"

forse mi sono perso qualcosa ... ma dov'e' finito "This should contain" ?

> #. Description
> #: ../templates:46
> msgid ""
> "ViewCVS package has online documents and icons in /usr/share/viewcvs/ If you want to use it, you should modify configuration file of httpd (/etc/apache/httpd.conf or so) like,\n"
> "  Alias /viewcvs/ /usr/share/viewcvs/\n"
> "In addition, default templates use icons as /viewcvs/icons/*, so this configuration is required."
> msgstr ""
> "Il pacchetto ViewCVS ha documenti in linea e icone in /usr/share/viewcvs/ Se si desidera utilizzarli, si deve 
> modificare il file di configurazione di httpd (/etc/apache/httpd.conf o siminli) cos?,\n"



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