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(fwd) new version of ddts-script

Sembra proprio che Nicolas faccia sul serio...!  E soprattutto... ha
accettato la mia proposta di cambiare il nome allo script!  Wow! ;-)

----- Forwarded message from Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr> -----

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:55:03 +0100
From: Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr>
Subject: new version of ddts-script
To: ddts <grisu-td-coors@auric.debian.org>
User-Agent: Mutt/1.3.27i

Hi everybody,

A new version of ddts-script is available and the script is now renamed
as ddtc (Debian Description Translation Client).

I've made a Debian package of it, so there is no more installation
troubles, just add the following line in your sources.list:
deb http://nico.bertol.free.fr/debian bertol/

and run as root :
apt-get update
apt-get install ddtc

Read the manpages, there are a lot of changes since the last version
I've sent on the list, the config. file is now optional and variables
names have changed.

There is also another script: l10n-check, it performes checks on files,
you have to install a ruleset also, there are basic ones in package
l10n-check-rules, and the ones for French are in l10n-check-fr. Read the
manpages for documentation.

Source packages are also availables,
If you want me to add other languages, mail me:
- some rules,
- translated manpages in pod format (look at the sources) and,
- translated packages descriptions (download
  translate it and send me the translation,
  I'll add files so you can use
    deb http://nico.bertol.free.fr/debian bertol/<language>/
  in your sources.list).

The best way to know the scripts configuration, is to run them providing
"--verbose 9" and no command, they will dump the configuration on the
terminal, and adapt your config. file accordingly.

If you want .rpms (instead of .debs), I used alien to make them, they
are here:


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