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Re: [apt] traduzione riveduta

Samu <samu@linuxasylum.net> indugiò:

> i messaggi sui "pin" (non riesco a trovare accenno nel man a cosa
> sia questo pin).


Citando rapidamente:

> You can "pin" the version you have installed so that it will not be
> upgraded.

Ecco come funziona:

> Let's take a look at how pin priorities work. A priority lower than
> 0 indicates that the package should never be installed. Priorities 0
> to 100 denote packages that are not installed and that have no
> available versions. These won't come into the version-choosing
> process.
> Priority 100 is the priority assigned to an installed package - for
> the installed version of a package to be replaced by a different
> version, the replacement must have a priority greater than 100.

Au revoir.

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