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[DDTP-it] (fwd) Re: >>- and >>+ in ddtc

Vi invio la risposta di Nicolas a proposito del suo script
sull'insidiosi ">>-" e ">>+".  Alla fine è semplice, ma dall'uso non
l'avevo mica capito!

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Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:43:48 +0100
From: Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr>
Subject: Re: >>- and >>+ in ddtc
To: grisu-td-coors@auric.debian.org
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Le samedi 19 janvier 2002, Lorenzo Cappelletti écrit :
> Hi everybody,

> I'd like to know what the hell ">>-" and ">>+" are in Nicola's script.
> Sorry, but this thing is driving me crazy.
> When I get a description with such symbols, what do I have to do?
> Should I delete the ">>-" lines, ">>+" ones, both, none of them or what
> else?
These lines indicate the differences between the last transtator's
submitted description (>>-) and your last review (>>+) so you can easily
check what has been changed.

You MUST remove these line-headers and keep the version of the line you
want. If you keep the translator's one, you accept the translation and
no bug report is made, otherwise a new bug report will be generated.
When you finished reviewing, the only allowed lines are:
- pseudo_header (# ...),
- english description,
- the correct translation and your review comments (i.e. lines beginning
  with a "Description-it: ", " " or ">> ").

I've done a full french documentation of the script. I have to translate
it now...


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