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Re: Tux Paint - translation update for Indonesian (id)

Sorry For late reply.. Here the translation.. i hope, it will help Tux Paint

On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Joe Dalton <joedalton2@yahoo.dk> wrote:
Hi T. Surya Fajri

All translator comments from the last release has now been integrated, so now its time to get those strings updated. It should be a quick update, as there is no new strings/things to investigate. It could be a good idea to look through the translation of Click and drag for your language to make it consistent (especially if several translators has been working on your language file).

This update is not followed by a new release (the next release expected ultimo this year is only going to see small changes to the strings, as it is primary a code clean up release). It it therefore a good time to get the translation up again to 100 %. And work has started on an Android port, which is now in beta.

If you do not have direct access, then send your updated file to tuxpaint-i18n@lists.sourceforge.net or me (joedalton2@yahoo.dk).


Best Regard
T. Surya Fajri
Debian Indonesian Translator <debian-l10n-indonesian@lists.debian.org>

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