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Re: debian-installer: Please update debconf PO translation for the package debian-installer


Cc: debian-l10n-indonesian@lists.debian.org

Pada 02/10/13 12:10, Christian Perrier menulis:
> Hi,
> After sending a call for updates for Debian Installer sublevel 1 a few
> days ago, here is the same call for sublevel 2.
> Once again, there is no strict deadline: I would just like to make
> sure that we get some updates, after nearly 5 months since we released
> wheezy and then since the last wide call for updates.
> Please preferrably commit updates to the D-I SVN repository if you or
> someone in your team has commit access there. If you don't, you can
> send the update to me by praviate mail, as a last option.
> Many thanks in advance.

I'll work as soon as possible

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