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debian-installer: Please update level1/sublevel3 translations


This is yet another call for updates on Debian Installer translations.

This time for level1/sublevel3 (you already got sublevels 1 and 2 of
level 1).

Many of you seem to have trouble committing. To help debugging this
with Alioth admins, please send me the *exact* time of your commit
attempts as well as the IP address/FQDN name of the machine you're
committing from. Alternatively, you can seek for help on #alioth on
irc.debian.org and try pinging of of the Alioth admins there (see
/topic on the channel).

As very last option, please send me the file for committing.

As usual, no strict deadline, I'm just shaking the tree..:-)

Thanks in advance,

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