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Re: xz-utils: Typos in Hungarian package description

Can be closed.
Thanks!  A tiny nitpick:
@@ -32,10 +36,10 @@
  ami a mindennapi haszn??latot ??rinti:
- * a 'file' flimseri a XZ f??jlokat;
+ * a 'file' felismeri a XZ f??jlokat;
  * crc64 adatintegrit??s vizsg??lat;
  * limit??lt v??letlen-hozz??f??r??s?? olvas??si t??mogat??s;
  * jav??tott t??mogat??s multithreadinghoz (az xz-utils nem haszn??lja);

There should be an extra space at the start of each " * " line.
Of course you are right. Just had eyes for the foreign words.
Please have another look at the description ...


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