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Re: Please update Debian Installer translations for the lenny beta 1 release


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 hogy hívjuk a 'volatile' tárolót ?

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 08:08:25AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hi,
> (this mail is very widely sent. It will probably not make it to many lists
> because of size constraints)
> Debian Installer will soon be released. This will be the first release (beta
> 1) for Debian "lenny". 
> Many translations are incomplete and the Debian Installer team could decide
> not to activate them if they are too incomplete.
> Please consider completing them if possible.
> Some translators are interested in Ubuntu translations. Please note that
> completing the Debian installer is the best way to have the *Ubuntu*
> installer translated as well.
> (this mail is sent to prospective translators as well, for languages not yet
> activated in Debian installer. I understand the work may be too big for you
> now, but please consider at least increasing the translation ratio. Soon to
> come changes to the D-I infrastructure might lead your language to be
> activated if the most used strings are translated)
> FInal note: I had to work a lot to have correct mail addresses for
> translators. Please consider using unfaked addresses in Last-Translator and
> Language-Team fields in PO files. Tat will save me a lot of such work.
> Many thanks for your attention.

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