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[ jfs@computer.org: Deadline for Release Notes translations ]

 Heló !!

 Tekintettel az április 2-i kiadásra, április 1-ig, bolondok napjáig
 lehet lefordítani a Release Notes-t !!

 Kisebb falat, mint a kéziköny volt, de erre már nem lesz energiám, ha
 valakinek igen, segíteni természetesem tudok :-)

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On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 03:37:25PM +0200, Eddy Petri??or wrote:
> What is the deadline for the update?

I didn't want to jump the gun, as a RM report was being drafted to announce
the schedule for the release. Now it has been announced, for those not
subscribed to d-d-a please see:

The deadline for the translation updates is Sunday, April 1st.

Please also notice that throughout these two weeks the Release Notes might be
edited to fix some of the bugs and comments sent by developers [1]. Right now
there are 43 bugs which wil need to be addressed before release.

Consequently, there is not going to be a "document freeze" until very close
to the final deadline. 

I know this is a pain for translators but please:

- update to the latest version of the release notes as soon as possible
- review before the deadline your translation status

I will try to notify translators when important changes have been introduced
to the Release Notes.

In any case, please notice that, even if you miss the deadline (or your
translation is not up to date because of changes introduced in this two week
span) you will still be able to update the CVS and the changes will
inmediately reflect on the website. Your translation will not, however, be
included in the official CDs / DVDs (at least for r0)



[1] See http://bugs.debian.org/release-notes

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