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Re: [D-I Manual] Build log for hu (14 Jan 2007) - ERRORS DURING BUILD

I have now enabled building the Hungarian translation for all 

This resulted in one build failure in the PDF version of the manual for 
powerpc. See the build log for details.
As these errors can be quite hard to trace, I have looked into it myself 
and committed a fix to SVN. See the attached commit for the patch I 
committed. I marked the string fuzzy so you can review the change.

I have also looked at the status of the translation. It seems like you 
have been selective in what to translate first: concentrate on i386.
That is fine with me, and I even think that makes the translation complete 
enough to enable it for the official upload.

Of course, the manual is for all architectures, so it should be 100% 
translated eventually.

There are a few things that need to be done before I can enable it for the 
1) keep fuzzies at 0 (there are 2 at the moment);
2) translate the last untranslated string in gpl.po; if you are unsure how
   to translate it, I suggest you take a look at how other languages have
   done it;
3) it is no real problem for me if preseed.xml is only partially
   translated, but please make sure that there is a clear separation
   (i.e: don't leave sections half-translated);
4) there is a bit that is untranslated in chapter 3; it is not a blocker
   for inclusion, but it would be nice if you could complete it:

Congratulations on what looks like an excellent job.


Author: fjp
Date: Sun Jan 14 15:41:28 2007
New Revision: 44180

Fix powerpc PDF build error; mark string fuzzy so translator can review 
the change

Modified: trunk/manual/po/hu/install-methods.po
--- trunk/manual/po/hu/install-methods.po	(original)
+++ trunk/manual/po/hu/install-methods.po	Sun Jan 14 15:41:28 2007
@@ -396,9 +396,9 @@
 #. Tag: para
 #: install-methods.xml:558
-#, no-c-format
+#, fuzzy, no-c-format
 msgid "After the floppy has been created successfully, select
 <menuchoice> <guimenu>File</guimenu> <guimenuitem>Eject</guimenuitem>
 </menuchoice>. If there are any errors writing the floppy, simply toss
 that floppy and try another."
-msgstr "A flopi sikeres létrehozása után válaszd a <menuchoice>
 <guimenu>Fájl</guimenu> menü <guimenuitem>Kiadás</guimenuitem>
 </menuchoice> pontot. Ha gondok vannak a flopi írásakor, dobd el és
 próbál másikat."
+msgstr "A flopi sikeres létrehozása után válaszd a <menuchoice>
 <guimenu>Fájl</guimenu> <guimenuitem>Kiadás</guimenuitem> </menuchoice>
 pontot. Ha gondok vannak a flopi írásakor, dobd el és próbál másikat."
 #. Tag: para
 #: install-methods.xml:566

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