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Re: For those who care about Hungarian translations of Debian Installer

On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:

> >  Tomoroww I'll create my SVN Account on Alioth .

 My username on Alioth is : sas-guest

> I'll commit.

 You've committed. THX ! :-)

> Unfortunately, all udeb builds have been done and the
> completion of Hungarian in D-I beta2 will be partial...

 OK, no problem. From now I can maintain our translation & lead the
Team-Work ! :-)

 Please,  bubulle, set up  <sas-guest>  account as committer for hu.po
files in Debian i18n  po directories.

 Personally I'll translate d-i Level 1 and make bugfixes and various
enhancements for all important packages (package-management for example) :-)

 THX: sas aka sas-guest :-)))

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