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Concerns about some translations of Debian Installer

(this mail is BCC'ed to a lot of people. Some of them are regular
registered Debian Installer translators. Some are registered by me as
"backup", ie people one can contact in case the contact is lost with
the main translator. For several languages, I send this mail to
both. Several mailing lists are also receiving this)

I, as Debian Installer i18n coordinator, have concerns for some of the
translations of Debian Installer.

The languages listed at the end of this mail used to have a complete
translation for the Sarge version.

However, several of them haven't got any update since then and their
translation ratio slowly decreased since June.

The needed updates concern several screens that are showed on *any*
type of install, so it's likely that, without update, your
translations will give our users the feeling of an incomplete work.

A beta2 release of Debian Installer is in preparation ? That release
will feature a FULL upload of all D-I packages, which means that
translation updates *will* make it in the release assuming they have
been done ON TIME.

So, for those of you who usually wait for release time, this is *now*

Please do your best for updating your translations. If you cannot work
on D-I translations anymore, please tell me in private. In such case,
please do your best to point me to people who could complete the job.

Affected languages:

092%  id    Indonesian
089%  bg    Bulgarian
087%  ca    Catalan
087%  el    Greek
086%  he    Hebrew
084%  et    Estonian
084%  sq    Albanian
083%  sl    Slovenian
083%  zh_TW Traditional Chinese
080%  bs    Bosnian
080%  cy    Welsh
080%  fi    Finnish
080%  hr    Croatian
080%  pa_IN Punjabi
079%  hu    Hungarian
061%  fa    Persian
044%  hi    Hindi
018%  be    Belarusian


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