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FIFTH CALL to Debian Installer translation coordinators, please ACK

This is the fifth call for this.

The first three calls were posted to the debian-i18n mailing list. 

A fourth call was sent individually to all people I have currently
"registered" as "language coordinators" for Debian Installer
translations. (it is not sent to backup coordinators or team mailing

Up to now, the language coordinators listed at the bottom of this mail
have not shown sign of life..:-))

Now I send the mail ALSO to the "backup" coordinator and
the team mailing lists which I have actually "registered" for each
languages (unfortunately most of these use a closed posting policy so
the post will probably bounce or wait for moderator approval. Please
approve it)

Please just give a short answer. I need to quickly identify those
people who actually DO NOT follow debian-i18n as well as inactive
language coordinators and try to reactivate communication with them as
soon as possible.

If you do not follow debian-i18n, please DO SO. We really need an easy
way to communicate and I can't afford to track down all possible
specific cases and always fall back to individual mail. This is a
incredible time wasting process (except for the Sponge Bob Contest,

debian-i18n is a medium traffic list and all important D-I
announcements are tagged as "D-I", so even if you don't want to follow
discussions there, being subscribed is possible and just check the
list from time to time.

If your language is not listed below, then you or your language
coordinator probably sent me an ACK mail.

Line format:

language,coord mail,coord name,backup coord,team list

fa	a.bijanzadeh@linuxiran.org	Arash Bijanzadeh	Radwan Khayat <rkhayat@gmail.com>	
hr	kruno@linux.hr	Krunoslav Gernhard		lokalizacija@linux.hr
hu	vi@fsf.hu	VERÓK Istvan		debian-l10n-hungarian@lists.debian.org
mg	jaonary@ifrance.com	Jaonary Rabarisoa		
nb	bjornst@powertech.no	Bjorn Steensrud	Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@debian.org>	i18n-no@lister.ping.uio.no
sq	pinguini@fastwebnet.it	Elyan Myftiu		
sr	demonbane@the-love-shack.net	Alex Malinovich		
sv	pelle@dsv.su.se	Per Olofson	André Dahlqvist <anedah-9-DONOTPUBLISH@student.ltu.se>	


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