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Rum'or N'e,w,s*: O+_ncology M-e d_. I,n,c-. (O_TC: ONC*O) a Cance*r T+reatm,ent Sol.ution-s Gro*up is s_a_i*d to h.a'v'e

ex,per.ienced o,v_e*r a 100-0% i,ncrea'se in re*venu es f'o,r t h_e fisca+l 3+r.d qu-arter e+nding J*u+l'y+, 2-0 0 7 comp a,red w*i.t h t-h-e prio r y*e.a_r whil e fis-cal fourt h quar,ter re-sults f*o_r 2 0 0-7 a*r-e on

tra ck to exc_eed t'h,i,s y'ear?s thi'rd quar ter r.esults. O+N,C O additi *onally plan's to inc*,rease serv_ice offering,*s whic-h a.r e cu rr,ently un-derway'. Do*n?t w'a-i*t f_o'r t'h_e n,e w+s to c'o m_e o.u,t a*n.d l,o-s_e t'h'e op.portun.ity to g'e.t in fr,ont of the

gen,eral i,nve-sting publ+ic. Onco*_logy M*e*d is in a mul_t,ibillion d ollar ind+-ustry w'h_e-r'e t.h.e-y a+r_e gainin.g ma-rket sh-are ra,pidly.

C*a'l'l y'o*u.r broke.r n*o,w f'o+r O.N*C'O .

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