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[D-I Manual] Build log for el (24 May 2005)

A build of the Debian Installer Manual was triggered by an update to SVN.

There were no errors during the build process.
The new version of the manual has been uploaded successfully.

A log of the build has been attached.

Note: PDF output is not yet supported for some languages; this
is being worked on.
If you would prefer this message to be sent somewhere else,
please send a mail to aragorn@tiscali.nl.

Updated files ('svn up')
U  po/el/boot-installer.po
U  po/el/administrivia.po
U  po/el/preface.po
U  po/el/bookinfo.po
U  po/el/install-methods.po
U  po/el/boot-new.po
U  po/el/welcome.po
U  po/el/using-d-i.po
U  po/el/installation-howto.po
U  po/el/random-bits.po
Updated to revision 27948.

Preparing build for language el - Tue May 24 17:50:21 UTC 2005
Updating PO files for language 'el':
- updating administrivia.po
- updating random-bits.po
Warning: no PO file found for 'gpl'.
- updating bookinfo.po
- updating boot-installer.po
- updating boot-new.po
Warning: no PO file found for 'hardware'.
- updating installation-howto.po
- updating install-methods.po
Warning: no PO file found for 'partitioning'.
Warning: no PO file found for 'post-install'.
- updating preface.po
Warning: no PO file found for 'preparing'.
- updating using-d-i.po
- updating welcome.po
Info: building manual from PO files
Creating XML files for language 'el':
- creating administrivia.xml
- creating random-bits.xml
Warning: no PO file found for 'gpl'; copying English original
- creating bookinfo.xml
- creating boot-installer.xml
found empty tag para
found empty tag para
- creating boot-new.xml
Warning: no PO file found for 'hardware'; copying English original
- creating installation-howto.xml
- creating install-methods.xml
Warning: no PO file found for 'partitioning'; copying English original
Warning: no PO file found for 'post-install'; copying English original
- creating preface.xml
Warning: no PO file found for 'preparing'; copying English original
- creating using-d-i.xml
- creating welcome.xml
Info: generation of XML files complete

Starting build for language el - Tue May 24 17:56:54 UTC 2005

Building manual for i386
Info: creating temporary profiled .xml file...
Info: creating .html files...
Writing build.out/html/pr01.html for preface
Writing build.out/html/ch01s01.html for sect1(what-is-debian)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s02.html for sect1(what-is-linux)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s03.html for sect1(what-is-debian-linux)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s04.html for sect1(what-is-debian-hurd)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s05.html for sect1(getting-newest-inst)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s06.html for sect1(getting-newest-doc)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s07.html for sect1(doc-organization)
Writing build.out/html/ch01s08.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ch01s09.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ch01.html for chapter(welcome)
Writing build.out/html/ch02s01.html for sect1(hardware-supported)
Writing build.out/html/ch02s02.html for sect1(installation-media)
Writing build.out/html/ch02s03.html for sect1(supported-peripherals)
Writing build.out/html/ch02s04.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ch02s05.html for sect1(memory-disk-requirements)
Writing build.out/html/ch02s06.html for sect1(network-cards)
Writing build.out/html/ch02.html for chapter(hardware-req)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s01.html for sect1(install-overview)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s02.html for sect1(backup)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s03.html for sect1(needed-info)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s04.html for sect1(minimum-hardware-reqts)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s05.html for sect1(non-debian-partitioning)
Writing build.out/html/ch03s06.html for sect1(pre-install-bios-setup)
Writing build.out/html/ch03.html for chapter(preparing)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s01.html for sect1(official-cdrom)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s02.html for sect1(downloading-files)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s03.html for sect1(create-floppy)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s04.html for sect1(boot-usb-files)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s05.html for sect1(boot-drive-files)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s06.html for sect1(install-tftp)
Writing build.out/html/ch04s07.html for sect1(automatic-install)
Writing build.out/html/ch04.html for chapter(install-methods)
Writing build.out/html/ch05s01.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ch05s02.html for sect1(boot-parms)
Writing build.out/html/ch05s03.html for sect1(boot-troubleshooting)
Writing build.out/html/ch05.html for chapter(boot-installer)
Writing build.out/html/ch06s01.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ch06s02.html for sect1(modules-list)
Writing build.out/html/ch06s03.html for sect1(module-details)
Writing build.out/html/ch06.html for chapter(d-i-intro)
Writing build.out/html/ch07s01.html for sect1(base-boot)
Writing build.out/html/ch07s02.html for sect1(base-config)
Writing build.out/html/ch07s03.html for sect1(login)
Writing build.out/html/ch07.html for chapter(boot-new)
Writing build.out/html/ch08s01.html for sect1(unix-intro)
Writing build.out/html/ch08s02.html for sect1(debian-orientation)
Writing build.out/html/ch08s03.html for sect1(reactivating-win)
Writing build.out/html/ch08s04.html for sect1(further-reading)
Writing build.out/html/ch08s05.html for sect1(kernel-baking)
Writing build.out/html/ch08.html for chapter(post-install)
Writing build.out/html/apas01.html for sect1(howto-preliminaries)
Writing build.out/html/apas02.html for sect1(howto-getting-images)
Writing build.out/html/apas03.html for sect1(howto-installation)
Writing build.out/html/apas04.html for sect1(howto-installation-report)
Writing build.out/html/apas05.html for sect1(howto-installation-finally)
Writing build.out/html/apa.html for appendix(installation-howto)
Writing build.out/html/apbs01.html for sect1(partition-sizing)
Writing build.out/html/apbs02.html for sect1(directory-tree)
Writing build.out/html/apbs03.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/apbs04.html for sect1(device-names)
Writing build.out/html/apbs05.html for sect1(partition-programs)
Writing build.out/html/apb.html for appendix(partitioning)
Writing build.out/html/apcs01.html for sect1(example-preseed)
Writing build.out/html/apcs02.html for sect1(linuxdevices)
Writing build.out/html/apcs03.html for sect1(tasksel-size-list)
Writing build.out/html/apcs04.html for sect1(linux-upgrade)
Writing build.out/html/apc.html for appendix(random-bits)
Writing build.out/html/apds01.html for sect1(about)
Writing build.out/html/apds02.html for sect1(contributing)
Writing build.out/html/apds03.html for sect1(contributors)
Writing build.out/html/apds04.html for sect1(trademarks)
Writing build.out/html/apd.html for appendix(administrivia)
Writing build.out/html/apes01.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/apes02.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/apes03.html for sect1
Writing build.out/html/ape.html for appendix(appendix-gpl)
Writing build.out/html/index.html for book
Info: creating temporary .html file...
Info: creating .txt file...

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