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Re: Status about Debian Installer translations

> Thank you a lot for the update Christian, one question, though, what
> happens with the debian-install manual for Sarge? When is the "Last Call
> for Translations" due? I've heard some strange statements that these need 
> to be done before initrd is uploaded, for some unknown reason.

This is better been discussed with Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl) who
is in charge of the manual. I CC him.

please followup this discussion as a crosspost to -boot and -i18n
which sounds the most appropriate.

> Even though 19 languages are almost 100% for all stages, currently there
> are only 5 languages which have supassed 90% translation status for the
> manual [1]. This is worse than the woody release, in which the manual and 
> release notes were available for 10-11 languages.
> Of course, some of this work (for example Release Notes) can be done after 
> the release since it doesn't affect it. However, the manual is bound to be 
> present in the CD-ROMs somehow. Isn't it?

IIRC, the "enough complete" translations will be on the CDs. Other
translations will be kept up-to-date on the web site.

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