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Re: Which language is that?

> Which language is that really ?

Vorlon/Steve Langasek found : lot of us know him as an impressive speaker
of several languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Catalan and a bit
of Czech, some English, plus those I forget) as well as The Man Who
Made Bidi in D-I.

This seems to be the Surmiran dialect of Romansch. Romansch is a set
of languages spoken in the Chur "canton" of Switzerland and is a
Latin-Roman languages with some Germanic things in it. It is the 4th
official language of Switzerland.

>From #debian-women, where helix/Erinn Clark bringed that topic:

21:56 < vorlon> here we go.  It's the Surmiran dialect of Romansch. :)
21:57 < Baby> :)
21:57 < helix> vorlon: how can you tell?
21:57 < vorlon> helix: because it's the only dialect that uses "pi" < plus instead of "pü" or
21:58 < helix> ahhh
21:58 < helix> we will have to thank JHM for his hint
21:58 < helix> and you can thank me for this semi-pointless but fun diversion
21:59  * vorlon grins

Now, guys and girls, back to work..:-). I'm currently testing D-I in
*all* langauges..:-). You folks (there are girls in some teams, Erinn)
did such a great job.

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