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Updates to Debian Installer translations

Two different points in this short mail:

-the two new strings (from partman-auto-lvm package) may now be
 translated. Be aware that the "Use free space for Logical Volume
 Manager" must be kept SHORT (less than 70 characters, I'm not sure of
 the exact limit now) which may be tricky if you want to avoid jargon
 (and you MUST avoid jargon....remember that D-i is targeted at all
 users, not only geeks)

-you can make updates in other translations but there's not guarantee
 they will make it into the packages. Packages belonging to the initrds
 (mostly those involved in early stages, before the CD-ROM detection
 phase for cd-style installs) have already been uploaded.

 So, though cleaning out your work is always good, this work is more
 for the future than for the release....
 (yuck, my English sucks)


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