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Translating country codes

bubulle@mykerinos:~/src/debian/debian-installer/packages/po> grep "^msgstr \"FR\"" *po
bs.po:msgstr "FR"
fa.po:msgstr "FR"
he.po:msgstr "FR"
lv.po:msgstr "FR"
mk.po:msgstr "FR"
pl.po:msgstr "FR"
ro.po:msgstr "FR"
sq.po:msgstr "FR"
vi.po:msgstr "FR"

It turns out that 9 of you forgot to read the comments about the
mirror country select choices translation...or just missed them.

There, the country codes should be "translated" to country names in
your languages. Unfortunately, choose-mirror does not use iso-codes
yet, so this is somewhat double work for those of you who translated
country codes already.

For those who do not know which country corresponds to each code, see
which is the English "translation" of these templates.

The deadline is very short. I hope that those of you who need to fix
this will be able to do so....


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