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manpages-l10n: Upcoming release 4.9.3

Dear translators,

the next release of manpages-l10n [1] will happen 2021/03/09 around
19:00 UTC. We need this release to stay in sync with the current
packages in Debian Bullseye. Our update from upstream packages is
already done yesterday. The upcoming Debian version is already frozen
regarding package versions and changes are only possible with the
agreement of the release managers. Sorry for this small time frame; as
an Archlinux user, I'm not really familiar with the release management
policies in Debian. Nevertheless, v4.9.3 will be the final version for
Bullseye, because it becomes more and more difficult to jusitfy new
package versions and can end up in long discussions.

Maybe it's now the time to shift priorities and have a look at the
status pages [2] (the »Debian Unstable« pages, which are still in sync
with Bullseye). As you might know, we use Po4a for managing
translations, and this tool requires that a .po file is at least 80%
translated to get the localized version. You see many files marked
red, which means that the corresponding .po file doesn't reach this
threshold. By working on these, you can easily increase the number of
localized man pages users will get. In many cases there are only a few
gettext messages to translate. Example from Polish:

Name   |Percent |Translations > 80% |Statistics
make.1 |79%     |1                  |78 translated, 9 fuzzy, 11 untranslated

This means, even without completing the translation, you decide
whether users get a localized man page - or not - by translating one
(!) message.

After 4.9.3, changes will flow in backport packages, but not all users
are aware of or willing to use backports. So this release will be the
very last localized man page collection which Bullseye users will get.

For those of you who don't have direct write access to our Git
repository: Just send your updated files to me, I will commit them.

Happy translating!

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/manpages-l10n-team/manpages-l10n
[2] https://manpages-l10n-team.pages.debian.net/manpages-l10n/

Best Regards,

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