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       analyses analysis
the cheek is perforated.  Meanwhile the process spreads inside the mouth,
and the gums, the floor of the mouth, or even the jaws, may become
gangrenous and the teeth fall out. The constitutional disturbance is
Genu.in;e p,h=arma Pill=s fr=om P;fi-zer http://greetingcan.com All p;ills are with.o*ut VA.T/TA*X severe, the temperature raised, and the pulse feeble and rapid. The
extremely foetid odour which pervades the room or even the house the
patient occupies, is usually sufficient to suggest the diagnosis of
cancrum oris. The odour must not be mistaken for that due to decomposition
of sordes on the teeth and gums of a debilitated patient.  The _prognosis_

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