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Re: libphidgets: reopening this bug for german debconf translation

Hello Christian,
On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 05:31:40PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'm afraid that what is currently present in this package as
> debian/po/de.po is......the *diff* file sent by Helge Kreutzmann and
> not the entire de.po file.

Actually, I sent my diff as usual to the previous translator to apply
and submit the entire file. I did not track his actions, though.

> As a consequence, the debian.po/de.po file is of course an invalid
> file and thus not used..:-)

I attached the entire file for your convenience now; though I don't
know *what* exactly was sent, i.e. if further changes were made to my

> I suspect this to be some Swiss conspiracy because the translation
> does not use enough Schwyzertütsch....but, thankfully, the maintainer
> of this package has been caught by the French Patrol and will be
> lapidated with spätzle and sausages or, alternatively, swiss cheese
> remaining from last Debconf's cheese party.

I'm afraid I cannot provide you more old (Swiss) cheese and my
Swizerdütsch is not the best either (I'm from the nothern part of
Germany), so I hope the attached file suffices. If not, i.e. further
action from my side are required, please tell me.


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